Misty "If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver." -Churchill

Misty's Japanese name is Kasumi. Kasumi, funnily enough, means mist. Misty's supposed surname is Waterflower, but that's unconfirmed (ie fans made it up, rather like good ol' Pikablu -_-;).

Misty met Ash in the first episode, when Ash stole her bike to escape from some Spearow. Misty was none too happy about this, and followed Ash to get her bike back. After that, she sorta hung out with him and they became friends, although that may sometimes seem a shaky thing!

Misty and Ash fight all the time. They're both stubborn people and Misty is impatient, with a hot temper to boot. They often fight over whose fault it is they're lost today (Ash-tachi are forever getting lost), Ash's (in)abilities as a Pokemon trainer, Misty's missing bike, etc.

As a result, Misty often pretends she doesn't care about Ash, but she really does. In an episode where Ash got trapped under a cave-in, she had a really anxious look on her face and said "Ash, you'd better hang in there..." (she realised that Brock was nearby) "You still owe me a new bike!"

Some interpret this as romantic interest. While it's true Misty does have an interest in romance ("French stuff is so romantic!"), her friendship with Ash is, at the moment, just that - friendship. As far as I know, their relationshp will eventually progress in respect to romance, so that's good news for Pokeshippers and bad news for the rest of us.

Misty is very cute. She has these great eyes that are full of energy. I just like the way Misty's drawn, although that ponytail is really freaky. ^_^. She had her hair down a couple of times, the length changes depending on how she is supposed to look.

I think Misty probably feels a bit different, since she's the only girl, and she has to hang out with 'dumb boys'. She cares about her looks and stuff, although she's definately not obsessional about it. One time Team Rocket gave her a makeover and she thought it was really cute, and then Ash and Brock thought she looked really scary and she got mad at them. ^_^.

Misty has three older sisters who are known as the "Sensational Sisters". They're famous, they have a large fan following for their synchronised swimming, among other things. Misty was the odd one out, the 'runt'. ^_^;;

But her sisters are not very nice; they're very condescending, kind of lazy and vain, bossy and demanding, etc. They also, like, talk kinda, you know, like valley girls. ^_^. They have really cool voices though, in my opinion. ^_^.

Misty and her sisters are leaders of Cerulean Gym. Misty left to find her own way and learn more about Pokemon, and to become a great water trainer.

Water Pokemon are Misty's forté. She knows a lot about them although she rarely says anything; usually lets Ash find out for himself about them. (But you can tell she knows her stuff; like she knew that Magikarp was just made of scales and bones and that Gyarados had the attack Dragon Rage, which is more than the others knew.)

Misty is 12 years old in the comic, and supposedly 10 in the show. Sometimes she acts younger (ie being terrified of bugs), at others, older (being a mother for Togepi).

While Misty is kinda rough (Ash said "you could pass for my brother") and a bit smarter than Ash and Brock, she's still very kind and caring. She cares a lot about Pokemon and tries to help people in trouble. She's less stereotypical-feminine than Ash and Brock in some cases. ^_^.

Like one time, James was telling a very sad story about how he died as a child. (^_^;;) I guess James is a good story teller 'cos after he finished telling the story, Jessie, Meowth, Ash and Brock were all in tears. They all sobbed 'poor James' and said they missed him. Misty, however, had a bulging vein symbol on her head, and yelled what were they talking about, he's standing right here!

She's also very competitive. She likes to win. However, Misty has a problem. That problem is called Psyduck. She caught Psyduck by accident and didn't want it, since it was so dopey looking and always had a headache. But Psyduck really likes Misty and wants to please her. So it often goes out into battle instead of whatever Pokemon actually wants.

Misty often loses her temper with Psyduck. Many a time she has smacked it over the head yelling "PsyDUCK, I didn't want you!" Psyduck is a pretty foolish looking Pokemon with very weak attacks, so it often embarasses her by jumping out its Pokeball from her backpack when she chooses one of her Pokemon to fight.

But Misty really does care about Psyduck. She just doesn't show it very often. Actually, Misty is very good with Pokemon. She's at her best and can be very gentle. A doctor said she had a knack for nursing Pokemon.

Unlike Brock and Ash, Misty doesn't have a good idea of what she wants to be. But she thinks she might like to be a Pokemon doctor, at least after learning more about water Pokemon.

Let me see if I can think of any good Misty anecdotes. Ah yes. Team Rocket and Ash-tachi were trapped in a sunk ship and had to co-operate to get out. While the guys and Jessie were all glowering at each other with hostility, Misty was thinking of ways to get them off the ship.

She yelled at them all to shake hands and call a temporary truce. They grudgingly did. Then Misty took control of the situation, working out how to get off the ship. She was such a good leader that even Team Rocket followed what she said. (But who would dare to defy Misty? ^_^.)

After Misty acquired the baby Pokemon Togepi, she became a bit softer... but not much. ^_^. She always speaks in a very gentle, soft voice to Togepi, and acts very motherly towards it. It's a bit nauseating, but it's nice to see another side of Misty, although she's still got the old personality traits. ^_-.

In the game, Misty was the Cerulean City Gym leader and she said that her Pokemon technique was an 'all out offensive with water-type Pokemon'.

The Pokemon that Misty has are:


Misty's voice sample - click here to hear what she sounds like. "There's gotta be some way to get off this ship! There must be some angle we haven't thought of yet."

My thoughts on Misty: I like her... I think she's a typical 12-year-old girl. She can still be childish and hot tempered but she's also smart and often sees things more clearly than Brock or Ash. She's so nice to her Pokemon and she cares about people a lot, even if she tries to hide it. Misty's cute and I like her voice too. However, one thing I do not like about her is the way she treats Ash. She is supposed to be his friend, but she keeps dumping on him. Like before Ash was going to battle Richie, she was going on about how he didn't have a chance of winning. To see Misty at her worst, I have three words for you: Electric Shock Showdown. -_-;

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